I'm taking a break! Orders placed between May 13th and June 3rd will be processed starting June 4th. Email mochibujo@gmail.com with any questions!

Shop update & sticker upgrade

Hello friends! Today I bring you exciting news. I am making some changes to my sticker sheets - from now on they will be made from a semi-matte paper rather than vinyl, and the sheets will be slightly smaller. I am doing this because I want to make the stickers more versatile, and also a bit cheaper for you guys than they have been up until now. Because I am switching to the new paper sheets, I am selling the vinyl stickers for nearly half price now, and I hope you can help me diminish my inventory as much as possible while I keep creating new products. 

Saturday May 1st I am releasing the new paper sticker sheets, with 4 old designs, 4 brand new designs, and one design which re-visits the light academia theme that was very popular. I am also releasing glossy sticker flakes, and a new print! 

Thank you for all your love and support so far! Here is a comparison of the new stickers (left) and the old stickers (right).