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Spring 2022 Shop Update

Hello friends! My favorite thing about spring is the blooming of flowers and the smell of budding trees and fresh grass. So this spring, I have created a set of sticker sheets that I feel embodies the view of the sky as you look up through branches of a cherry blossom tree. Blue skies mixed with blooms in various pink hues. I hope you will enjoy this new collection!

One of the sticker sheets is not on the picture - S-1044 (spring picnic) is available exclusively for my patrons over on Patreon. The highest tier (Charles) have been increased to now have 100 spots, and in April, Charles patrons are getting the Spring Picnic sticker sheet + an exclusive vinyl sticker. The vinyl sticker is a recreation of the girls I drew for my April cover page in my bullet journal. For the full video of my bullet journal setup for April, click here